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The Art Couch #8 - 2021

The Art Couch #8, p.7/8/9 - 2021 Posted By Annelies Vanbelle

Revue Bancaire et Financière - 2023

On the cover of 'Revue Bancaire et Financière' - 2023 A collaboration with Bernice Gallery


Bernice Gallery the art office

Meet the Artists @ (2022-2023)

Joannes Késenne (Phd, Lecturer in Art Psychology, PXL-MAD School of Arts)

Text exhibition Moving between water and fire (2022)

Text exhibition Metamorphosis (2018)

Annelies Vanbelle (Art journalist for the magazin The Art Couch)

Text exhibition in Search of the Phoenix (2021)

Geoffrey de Beer, artist, curator, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp

Coach for the exhibition In Search of the Phoenix (2021)


On the cover of a financial Magazine (2023) (NL/FR)

Artwork 'Dream' (from 2022)

Article in Revue bancaire et financière 2023/2, Bernice the art office

Op zoek naar de feniks (2021)

@ (NL)

Article in TheArtCouch #8 (p 7-9), Art journalist Annelies Vanbelle

Interview @ 'Inner World' (2021) (ENG)

Interview (2021) (NL)

De sporen van parcours. Welke impact had de reeks op Eefje Van den Brande?(pdf)

Kunst in quarantaine (2020)

Article @ (article no longer available)

The Canvascollection -Wiels Brussels (2008)

Interview: TV Brussels

Magazine: Kunstletter[s], Candidats  of The Canvascollection (Province Vlaams-Brabant, p5)

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