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When I paint I always start from a blot on which I unleash my imagination.  I play with the image by using different materials, techniques and layers.

Sometimes I work with bright colours and sometimes with dark ones. Emotion is the common theme throughout my entire oeuvre, where I let myself be inspired by nature. I look for the unity between all living things. 

In order to represent these images I challenge myself. The phenomenon of pareidolia is established. The illusion is being created. The more strange the more fascinating. Initially what appears to be recognizable does not always turn out to be that way afterwards. This is how I give shape to the deformity and give the image a surrealistic touch. 

My intention is to question the way I think about myself as an artist, and in doing so I work with series that express my feelings of that one period. I always ask myself different questions about the end result. What went into me consciously or unconsciously, or what did the subconscious brings to the surface? 

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