"The paintings and drawings of 
Eefje Van den Brande give nature a surrealistic twist."

Eefje wants to bring man and nature together through her works of art. She does this in a playful way. Her fantasy animals and plants are dynamically and colourfully. Occasionally a human figure or creature appears in her work. 

In her work she wants to give freedom to animals. To create a world for them where they can be themselves. But the animals, as we know them, are often hard to find in her work, as in nature. This is because she wants to play with the image. For this she uses various techniques to obtain an alienating effect. 
In 1990, at the age of 12, Eefje started an education in the arts and to this day she continues to teach at the academy. Drawing and painting are two media that you can always see in her works. Where her images have gone through a whole process of change, emotion is always the connecting thread in her work. Ink, acrylic and oil paint are her best tools to show this. The ink on a dried layer of acrylic paint creates a pareidolia. The colours are constantly alternating: sometimes colourful, sometimes dark. The figures have undergone a complete transformation. In the dynamics of her brushstrokes she is always looking for the boundary of recognisability. A monstrous creature or a combination of animal and human. This is how Eefje gives shape to the deformity and gives the image a surrealistic touch. A metamorphosis of the underdog into freedom in order to send a message to her fellow man. 

The dynamic, colourful brush strokes and pendulums are a reference to the energy we are all part of, of the greater whole. We are all connected with each other, nature, animals, people.


Besides drawing and painting, Eefje also works with video. Just as paintings consist of layers, so do her videos. By combining a painting with a video she goes that one step further. This gives the animal a different identity and dynamism by playing with form, colour, movement and sound. 


Joannes Késenne, Phd, Teacher of Art Psychology, PXL-Mad School of Arts:

"It is a nuanced balance between abstraction and figuration. Boundaries are being explored. There are colours that seem to breathe and lines that subtly search for a vanishing point.  It is never staying within the lines. It's about crossing the edges, in the best possible way. (...)"

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