In her paintings Eefje Van den Brande (°1978, Leuven) always starts from an ink blot on which she lets her imagination run wild. She wants to play with the image, using various techniques and layers. A mix of ecoline, acrylic and oil paint always produces unexpected results.

Sometimes Eefje works with bright colours and other times with dark ones. Emotion is the connecting thread throughout her oeuvre. Where she used to paint twisted bodies and colourful animals or creatures, in her 2020 series they seem to come together in fantasy figures. In order to present these images, she takes up the challenge with herself. The stranger the more fascinating. What at first appears to be recognizable, turns out not to be so on closer inspection. Both Eefje, as an artist, the manipulator of the image, and the viewer with his psyché are challenged. 

Eefje wants to question the psyché of herself as an artist. She works with series that express her feelings from that one period. She always asks herself different questions about the end result. What was consciously or unconsciously going on in her, or what did the subconscious bring up in her?

Throughout the years people, animals, fantasy creatures and also self-portraits alternate. The figures seem to undergo a complete transformation. When Eefje paints, she is always looking for the boundary of recognisability in the figure. In this way the artist gives shape to the deformity and the image gets a surrealistic touch. 

Besides drawing and painting Eefje also works with video. Just as paintings are made up of layers, so are videos. By combining a painting with a video she goes a step further.Here the animal gets a different identity and dynamics by playing with form, colour, movement and sound....  A strange creature looms up.


Joannes Késenne, Phd, Teacher of Art Psychology, PXL-Mad School of Arts:

"It is a nuanced balance between abstraction and figuration. Boundaries are being explored. There are colours that seem to breathe and lines that subtly search for a vanishing point.  It is never staying within the lines. It's about crossing the edges, in the best possible way. (...)"

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