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Buy or Rent
my Work


All my work is available for sale.

Contact me via the contact form below to inform about the price of an artwork and to discuss delivery or pick-up of the work.

On all sales 6% V.A.T. will be applied.


All my work is available for rent.


You can rent a work:

  • per year (10% discount)

  • per half year (5% discount)

  • per quarter (= 3 months)

  • per month

Rental price is calculated based on yearly rental cost of 20% of the sale price of the work.

On all rentals 21% V.A.T. will be applied.

Artworks are 100% ensured while they are being rented and remain the property of the artist.

At the end of a rental period you can decide to:

  • return or exchange the artwork

  • prolong the rental period

  • buy the artwork

If you decide to buy the artwork, the paid rent will be substracted from the sales price.

There's a Lion Inside of Me-08347.jpg

From the art studio to your home!

Because sending art by mail is very expensive and involves the risk of the art getting damaged, you can choose one of two options:

  1. I will bring the art to you.
    Costs for delivery will depend on the distance traveled from my art studio.

  2. You pick-up the artwork at the art studio.
    I will make sure the artwork is well packaged, so it does not get damaged during transport.

    This is always free.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

Thanks for submitting!

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