Indicator of the environment_Eefje Van den Brande_Contemporary Belgian Artist

Indicator of the environment

oil and ecoline on canvas

150 cm x 100 cm


"The story of this work is linked to 'A search for the Phoenix'.


Indicator can have several meanings. It can be a genus of birds from the honey detectors family, like the bird in the painting. Or it can be that which you use as an indication for the presence of something else.

You can adapt to your environment or you can influence your environment to adapt to you. The choice is yours.

Like a bruise on your body can indicate physical violence, the blue bird in the painting indicates the unfortunate situation it is moving in. Does he want to leave the situation as it is or deal with it?


The figure at the top on the right, is a reference to the human being who feels superior, calls himself the king of the world, but in the end is equal to all other creatures in nature.


The creature in the center of the painting represents the beauty of nature. It is decorated with extravagant and colourful feathers."

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